The first performance, Connected by Studio Akatak (Karlijn Milder and Lotte Milder), is tightly structured. About five visitors are led to the stage by men and women in white coats in the cinema hall. A prefabricated female voice we know from NS train station public address announcements instructs us kindly yet imperatively, "Here you may sit down in your designated seats".
The spectators are given vr glasses and headphones. And see a spacious living-room overlooking a metropolis. What happens next is exciting and not revealed here. A female voice speaks to you and directs your gaze. Half scientific, half philosophical musings are whispered to you. But also questions of conscience to which you know no answer at that moment, because the sensory bombardment of images and sound leaves no room for independent thought.


Directed by Milder Sisters 
Production company: Studio AKATAK